That just seems wrong to lock a person on a channel during commercials. It goes too far. But there is a solution to basically free programming, and with people flipping through the channels during commercials. Get rid of the commercials. Instead, auction off commercial space. This commercial space would mean putting advertisements on the screen during the movie. I mean, if it's like Snickers who wants to advertise, put a little Snickers bar logo at the bottom right, about maybe 1/7th the way upward and about 1/10th inward from the right about. This way, people are annoying to look at it and it stays in their minds. Okay, maybe not 100% of the show's time, but have it pop up now and then. It will get their attention. Or if that doesn't work, shorter commercial breaks. Like one commercial per break means like 20-30 seconds. People won't flip around and risk missing it or whatever. And if they do flip around, when they check back, they'll see the commercial.

About artists putting their music onto CDs, here's a solution. Sell it on CDs cheap, and sell it on the Internet cheap too. That way, people won't have to fork over $20 for a CD in a store. Maybe they will feel able to buy it as a MP3 off the Internet maybe for $2.99. People will feel less like stealing hopefully. And with concerts, they earn enough money anyways so they don't have to starve to death or anything.

HDTV is a great invention. But it shouldn't be used on t.v. except for events, such as sports and the news. This makes it so if someone wants it in HD format, they have to buy the DVD. You get what you pay for, and if it's free on t.v., it shouldn't be in HD format.

I think it's okay to download episodes off the Internet if you can't get it anywhere else basically. Even for old movies that you can't find anywhere else. If it is possible to get it reasonably by buying it, that's a different matter since you are directly taking away from possible profit from them, which could lead to more movies in the future if they have the funds.