" I did not say HEY goto irc.blahblah.com and #blah for my new software "

from this thread:
netecho: "Nope here is what the post was basicly: Myself and some friends have started up a new software group blah blah to visit us [moderator edited] or email me at [~~Email Deleted~~] for the information"

You started a thread for the sole purpose of telling ppl where to go/how to contact you to get what you say is your software and/or presumably to share theirs. The post had nothing else in it.That is inviting. That is advertising. That is spam. That isnt allowed here. Had you included your personal website/network in your signature while at the same time in the body of your post you said "i have software for you to share" then i would consider your signature and post to have the blatant intent of spamming. On the other hand, had someone posted a question "Why isnt my dcc working" and you replied suggesting they check their router, and your website was in your signature that would be a different matter.

Sure, anything in your signature could be considered as a hint to go visit it, but it isnt specifically saying "Come see me at ___ for ___" If you go into a channel and say " i use superduper, you can get it at superduper.com" you have just spammed the channel. If you use the nick superduper, with realname field of superduperscriptie then altho that may arouse the curiousity of some others to investigate superduper on their fav browser, we are into a grey area. Your intent could be to spam, your intent could be pride, your intent could be to brag... but unless you post in the channel " come get superduper" or constantly join/part so everyone will see it, i will assume your intentions to be semi-honorable regardless of my suspicions to the contrary.

Whether you approve of my/our moderating or not, the fact remains that the sole purpose of your original post was to tell ppl you have software and where to find it. That is not allowed here. I have done my level best to explain the reasoning.

ParaBrat @#mIRCAide DALnet