ok, so if you are giving away software you have personally completely written totally by yourself and your friends, then it isnt warez. However, i dont care what you are giving away, you were spamming.

The point is that we DONT WANT SPAM HERE! When you post a website/network/channel/etc to which you invite ppl to go to for whatever reason, (which you clearly did) its inviting and spam. We generally edit out email addys for posters protection, however posting an email which you tell ppl to use in order to find whatever it is you are giving away, that also constitutes spam.

Spam is annoying. Ppl dont like it. We frequently urge ppl to not click on every url/go to every site they see spammed, and to not rampantly download software they arent positive beyond any shadow of a doubt what it does. You spammed, we removed it. If you want to spread your software around, peachy...but you cant do it from here.

Since you msgd me the exact same question, consider this a reply to both your post and the msg.

ParaBrat @#mIRCAide DALnet