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I'll quotify your examples. However, keep in mind that I'm bending the rules a bit with the "if it only accepts/returns one parameter, you don't need quotes" bit. This is entirely for user convenience a la the "/me does something" thing, as opposed to '/me "does something"', which would be annoying indeed.
set %blub blah blah
There's two parameters, but the first parameter can never have spaces anyway - variable names cannot contain spaces. So the above should already work.

echo set %blub blah blah
As you mentioned - indeed, this is a command with a single parameter (and optional flags). So, the above should work as is as well.

$iif($?,echo,set) %blub blah blah
This shouldn't require modification either.
There's three bits to the $iif
- the comparison, which is separate, and I think I illustrated in my post
- the value to return if true - note: value, not values. -unless- this value contains a comma, you wouldn't necessarily need to put quotes around it
- the value to return if false - same as above

The rest of the line is just the parameters passed to echo / set, namely either a single parameter - or two parameters, the variable, and then the rest.

You might thing that problems here begin to creep up if you were to do something like this:
echo $iif($?,$me rules!,$me sucks!)
Would it still echo <your nickname> rules!|sucks! ?
MaxScript doesn't have a construct such as $iif, so I can't draw a direct comparison (nor would I always want to).
However, I would imagine it would have to be re-formulated as such :
echo $iif($?,$me + " rules!",$me + " sucks!")

However, if you were to do in-place replacement of variables, much like say NSIS, you would simply keep things as they were.
Or, if you wanted to type strongly:
echo $iif($?,"$me rules!","$me sucks!")

Note that in-place replacement would also facilitate things like:
/say Hi, $nick!
Without the need for the $+

However, that would probably be a far greater change to a parser.

hadd -m somehash command $iif($?,echo,set) %blub blah blah
Again, should already work

Just to deconstruct... you've essentially got this:

var %func = $iif($?,echo,set)
var %cmd = %func %blub blah blah
hadd -m somehash command %cmd

No quoting necessary, that I can tell. But let's say I wasn't bending the rule a bit for convenience. Then it woud be...

var %func = $iif($?,"echo","set")
var %cmd = %func + "%blub blah blah"
hadd -m somehash command %cmd

What if you don't want to literally store %blub, but the value thereof ? Well, this :
var %cmd = %func + " " + %blub + " blah blah"
( Again, in-place replacement would simplify the above - it'd just be : var %cmd = "%func %blub blah blah". However, what if you then -did- want the literal %blub ? You'd have to escape the % sign, probably. Cost/Benefit wink )

I'm not too actively trying to lay out rules, by the way - I just think it can be done. Quoting strings can already be done - other languages show this. Making convenience exceptions should also be doable, and I think the "1 parameter" decision lends itself best to this.
The real breaker would be if there is a command that accepts multile parameters, that can -also- have spaces in them. I don't think any exist - that would basically be a command a la :
/hw Mostly Water Gnat Swatting
Which acccepts two parameters, each consisting of a string with exactly 1 space in them (i.e. 2 words) - no more, no less (at least no less for the first parameter).
The output of said function being:
Hello world of Mostly Water. Welcome your Gnat Swatting overlords!
So if you were to have such a command, then yes.. you would still be forced to do this instead:
/hw "Mostly Water" "Gnat Swatting"
Which I think is probably a Good Thing(tm)

Also, again, the end-decision is entirely up to Khaled smile For all I know the changes would be far more extensive than I can imagine, and he would rather just drop mIRC script altogether and implement Python, or interface with the WSH.

By all means, though, keep coming up with possible breakers - if nothing else, it'll make me use my brain some more laugh

Happy Holidays, everybody!