i just wanted to make some small suggestions on the current mirc scripting language, about things that bothered me while i was writing different sscripts:

i think it needs more restrictions, and maybe it could resemble a little bit more like C/C++ (or another programming language for that matter, as long as it's well defined, time tested and with as few errors as possible)
currently some things work no matter how you write them, for example:
  • if a==b works as well as if (a==b)
  • var %x = 10 works as %x = 10
  • strings dont't have "-" surrounding them etc.

which is unacceptable. this could only confuse people and be the source for hard to find errors (if not in these examples, but there are more)

an option like: for (index=0; index < N; index++) would be nice.

anyway, the current language has worked for so many years so it cannot be said it isn't fine & reliable, but maybe some small improvements could be made, something that could make programming and error finding easier...

cheers, filip