I'll try to explain my point somewhat better. Yes, I was exaggerating, no I would not want to put that many quotes, but I was making a point that the mIRC script is unique in that you can create the line of code to execute on the fly with all kinds of $iif, $identififers, %vars, $+, evaluation changing like [ ] and $eval() and it's all text...

set %blub blah blah
The above is a nice command with 2 parameters (a %var and the new value) but it's also all text, since you can do
echo set %blub blah blah
which is a command with a single parameter. You can even do
$iif($?,echo,set) %blub blah blah
What is text, what is command, what should be put in quotes?
hadd -m somehash command $iif($?,echo,set) %blub blah blah
This one is simple, 1 command, one switch, 3 parameters (table, item, value)
$hget(somehash,command) another blah
Uh oh...

So, how would you get around to do this MaxScript (I've never used it) style syntax using quotes on the above examples? If you can give a set of nice rules to put in quotes and allow for multiple spaces, I'd be happy to read it and find more complex examples smile If you can fix those too without changing your rules, I'm probably all in favor of your syntax suggestion. Note that /me <text> is also used from channel windows, so keep the effects to end-users (not scripts) in mind too smile