Think of it this way...

If we made it so that strings required quotes, scripts *could* be updated... but many won't be. Many people use scripts that they like to use and if those scripts aren't updated, they will stick to using old versions of mIRC. From Khaled's point of view, I doubt he wants to make new versions of mIRC that many people won't use because of incompatibility with the scripts they want to use. Yes, we lose a few scripts here and there as mIRC versions increase, but doing the strings in quotes will break virtually all scripts that use strings.

I think what would be better is to do something like you see in other languages...

echo -a $gettok(If you want to see a comma\, then use a comma,1,44)
If you want to see a comma

Using a \ before it means to display a comma and not treat it as a deliminator. Doing something like that would make a LOT more sense that requiring quotes...and if you don't like using \, you could use another character or even a couple characters... \\ or whatever. (Obviously, the \ would not really be part of the string.)

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