Agreed. I've done C and C++ and although I do like C++, I'd prefer to keep mIRC a scripting language and not a programming language. It is quick and easy and it's very easy to learn. That can't be said for C++.

Using parentheses in an IF statement is good to prevent errors, I agree. However, if programmers want to not to follow basic formatting to prevent possible errors, then that is their choice. Just like you can write a program all on a few lines or you can avoid using tabs to indent sections... it still works, but it isn't a good way to program because of the difficulty in finding problems. But, if people want to do that, that's their choice. Of course, mIRC is nice enough to format the tabs regardless if a programmer does it.

And, like Kelder said, the var isn't the same since var and set are local and global.

Quotes around a string are nice, but we've done just fine without them other than spacing issues as mentioned above.

And although the use of FOR is nice, we can do the same easily enough with a WHILE loop. Might take a little more code, but it works just fine. I still wouldn't mind seeing FOR appear someday.

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