ok at least now we know that your remotes are working properly smile

next step

First, relaize that the on text event is made to triger when someone else sends text to your query or a channel your on (int his case a channel your in because you specified a '#' )

so do not expect the remote to triger when you type, only when other do.

next i would check your user levelsyou may have a non numerc user level added, in which case mIRC would not triger an event defined for user level 1 if the user level of $nick is non numeric

you can either go in and clear your user levles or simply change the 1 to a * (although i recomend clearing your user levels and leaving it a 1 )

also realize as the person who replyed to you before me pointed out, it will only triger when they say 'test' .. nothing else .. so it will not triger for 'this is a test'

i usualy recomend to users that you place a * in the matchtext field and do anything more u wish to do there in if then else statments .. combine on text events into a single event

on 1:TEXT:*:#: {
  if (test isin $1-) { msg $chan $nick said test! }

give it a try,