many things can cause scripts not to work.

one being { } issues above the location of the remote, anouther could be 2 or more of the same type of event (ie having 2 on *:TEXT:*:#: { } events

along wiht a few other things

as a test, copy the mirc.exe program file to a new folder by itself, and run it, then from there load the file your trying to get to work and see if it does

if it does then you will know that the problem is the current script(s) you have loaded are conflicting with one anouther in some fasion.

common fixes for this is to click in the script editor file > order .. and place the new script to the top of the list, or if your adding remotes to an existing file, place the new remotes at the top of that file (however it could then make other things below it not work)

if these sugestions havent helped let us know what happened when you tryed them and we will go from there, but i'm beting its a script conflict problem.