k, just to varify then,

1. /remote on
displays this correct: * Remote is on (Ctcps,Events,Raw) ?

2. //echo -a * $script(0)
displays: 1

3. In your script file (view by pressing ALT+R) you only have 1 remote ?

if all the above are true, and that remote does not work for you, paste the remote so we can see it please.

i can think of no reason why your remotes simply wouldnt work if they were turned on and there were no conflicts. but lets see what the remote is trying to do that you have loaded :P

also u might try testing with a different remove, clear out the one you have and simply put this as a test:

on *:INPUT:*: { echo -a * you typed this: $1- }

and see if when you type you receive that echo or not.