"The most active ppl at these IRC boards don't consider this serious. I figure cuz most ppl here are probably channel operators themselves."

It isnt that ppl dont think its serious, we're just realistic. The only thing that can be done about rude ppl IRC is to avoid them, just as you would try to do IRL. If ops in a channel behave in a sexist/racist/ etc manner, why would you want to be in that channel anyway? As long as they aren't going against network rules, its essentially their "home", and in your own home you set the rules and decide who is allowed to visit you. You have the right to decide you dont like the behavior in someone else's house and to stay away.

Sure, some ppl are power hungry, or just plain nasty, but you also arent seeing everything that an Op is. There may be good reason for a kick that isnt obvious to users. Many users dont bother to use good netiquette or even check what the rules are in a given channel. Works both ways you know... Ops and IRCops also take a lot of abuse from ppl.

Ops can only control what goes on in their own channel, they dont have any say in what happens in other channels. As for IRCopers, their prime concern is keeping their server/network running and making sure that ppl abide by the network's rules. They cant be in every channel on their network 24/7.

Bottom line, if you dont like the way some ppl behave, dont associate with them.

ParaBrat @#mIRCAide DALnet