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Posted By: stacyblue Channel Operators need to be reconsidered - 21/11/04 10:11 PM
IRC is dying little by little...no matter how you see it. I think one major issue is --- The role of channel operators is constantly abused. The most active ppl at these IRC boards don't consider this serious. I figure cuz most ppl here are probably channel operators themselves. Many ppl have complain about the inability to report abuse regarding channel operators. Who have taken over the most popular channels (which more and more have less ppl). Some of these operators bring up racist - sexiest - homophobic...etc remarks. U discuss anything in the public chat window and u may get kicked out or sometimes banned...for no reason just for the "kicks" of the operator. And then we lose another user for good.
It sucks...that IRC is going down and down. Wish IRC operators would take better responsiblity and not let IRC die.
mIRC and IRC are not the same thing (if you knew this you probably wouldn't be complaining here), Khaled can't/doesn't control what happens on IRC.

Channel operators can do whatever they like unless it breaks the rules of the network/server, or in some channels, if they break the rules set for channel operators, this includes kicking/banning you for any reason they like (or no reason at all).

The only things you can do are:

1. See if they're breaking the rules of the network you use.
2. Kindly ask if they'll stop.
3. Ask another operator if they're breaking any rules or anything.
4. Ignore them.
5. Use a different network/channel.
6. If the network you use has some form of channel registration, ask the channel registrar to remove that persons operator status.

As for IRC dying, I disagree, I see more and more people on IRC every time I use it.
You seem to be a little confuzzled as to how things work! mIRC has nothing to do with channel operators or IRC operators. The regular people are these boards are not necessarily channel operators or IRCops and they have no control over who is. Nor has Khaled, Krejt or the Moderators of these boards. mIRC is just an IRC client that connects you to IRC, just like Internet Explorer lets you browse the web (Internet Explorer isn't the web itself).

I'm afraid what you're experiencing is how things have been for a long time now. Since IRC's popularity has grown there are more channels, more users and, therefore, more ops. Some are abusive, some are great channel ops. It's just tough luck I'm afraid. If you're concerned about a channel or channels that you chat in have abusive operators, try finding a good op you can talk to privately and see if they can do anything about it.

Whatever the case though, nobody here can sort the issue out frown

if you dont like the way things are being run, create your own channel!
Of course i know MIRC is not IRC....but u think there is no relation between the two at all. MIRC is what I use to connect. That is why i posted it here. I figure other ppl here would automatically use MIRC to use IRC

As to the fact that is dying...i've used IRC, on and off, since I was 13 yrs old. Now I'm 22. Trust me it is dying. Just go to most channels and you will find bots.

As to creating another channel....plz whats the point...who will realistically find it.
If IRC is losing users (and that's a pretty massive if), it's most likely due to advances in other technologies such as many different IM protocols which are simpler for the average non-tech person to speak to a few friends, VOIP, SMS texting, and now video messaging over mobile phones. All this stuff just means that for someone who wants to talk to people who they already know, IRC is not such a suitable option, and quite frankly, they're not wrong. IRC is still the protocol of choice for those who want to chat to new people, it's just that now newer, better methods exist for those who want to communicate with someone specific. Rather than a decline of IRC, I'd consider it as more of a focussing of IRC to the task to which it's best suited.
Posted By: Skip Re: Channel Operators need to be reconsidered - 22/11/04 11:20 AM
Many ppl have complain about the inability to report abuse regarding channel operators.

The easiest way to report the abuse is with your feet. You yourself said 'more and more' of the popular channels have less people, so maybe people are getting the idea. smile

I think you're missing the mark by pointing out channel operators, any client of any status can be a detriment to IRC.

[edit: there's a the in there that shouldn't be there! the the the!]
Posted By: sparta Re: Channel Operators need to be reconsidered - 22/11/04 11:41 AM
Irc started to die a fev years back, it came with the "irc wars" and the "crew's" all around, or i maybe shouldent blame them, what i should blame is ddos, a "normal" takeover can be fun, but ddos somones connection to h*ll and back, thats not somthing that are fun, and it dont take skills, and the fact that ops just "kick for fun", thats maybe how you see it, the users they kick are maybe known to cosing problem, im op in a fev channels, we often kick people "it can look like we kick them without any reason", but the reason can be they are know spammers, they are known to cose problems on the channel, or any other reason that can be legit, so the best way what i think, thats to ask the ops that doing the kickings why they kicked him/her out from the channel, but you maybe should ask in the channel, many ops dont like being /msg'd without beeing asked befor you message them, i dont like when ppl msg me befor asking, the reason is that i get around 100 messages/day with the same questions all the time.. and the worst question i get is ASL, how fun is it to answer that everyday to pople that only asking that, then no more.. so ask in the channel.. then maybe you understand bether why they kick the people.. smile
Make a script (or download one) that will only accept pm's from trusted people like your friends, and fellow ops etc. :tongue:

"The most active ppl at these IRC boards don't consider this serious. I figure cuz most ppl here are probably channel operators themselves."

It isnt that ppl dont think its serious, we're just realistic. The only thing that can be done about rude ppl IRC is to avoid them, just as you would try to do IRL. If ops in a channel behave in a sexist/racist/ etc manner, why would you want to be in that channel anyway? As long as they aren't going against network rules, its essentially their "home", and in your own home you set the rules and decide who is allowed to visit you. You have the right to decide you dont like the behavior in someone else's house and to stay away.

Sure, some ppl are power hungry, or just plain nasty, but you also arent seeing everything that an Op is. There may be good reason for a kick that isnt obvious to users. Many users dont bother to use good netiquette or even check what the rules are in a given channel. Works both ways you know... Ops and IRCops also take a lot of abuse from ppl.

Ops can only control what goes on in their own channel, they dont have any say in what happens in other channels. As for IRCopers, their prime concern is keeping their server/network running and making sure that ppl abide by the network's rules. They cant be in every channel on their network 24/7.

Bottom line, if you dont like the way some ppl behave, dont associate with them.
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