You seem to be a little confuzzled as to how things work! mIRC has nothing to do with channel operators or IRC operators. The regular people are these boards are not necessarily channel operators or IRCops and they have no control over who is. Nor has Khaled, Krejt or the Moderators of these boards. mIRC is just an IRC client that connects you to IRC, just like Internet Explorer lets you browse the web (Internet Explorer isn't the web itself).

I'm afraid what you're experiencing is how things have been for a long time now. Since IRC's popularity has grown there are more channels, more users and, therefore, more ops. Some are abusive, some are great channel ops. It's just tough luck I'm afraid. If you're concerned about a channel or channels that you chat in have abusive operators, try finding a good op you can talk to privately and see if they can do anything about it.

Whatever the case though, nobody here can sort the issue out frown