Irc started to die a fev years back, it came with the "irc wars" and the "crew's" all around, or i maybe shouldent blame them, what i should blame is ddos, a "normal" takeover can be fun, but ddos somones connection to h*ll and back, thats not somthing that are fun, and it dont take skills, and the fact that ops just "kick for fun", thats maybe how you see it, the users they kick are maybe known to cosing problem, im op in a fev channels, we often kick people "it can look like we kick them without any reason", but the reason can be they are know spammers, they are known to cose problems on the channel, or any other reason that can be legit, so the best way what i think, thats to ask the ops that doing the kickings why they kicked him/her out from the channel, but you maybe should ask in the channel, many ops dont like being /msg'd without beeing asked befor you message them, i dont like when ppl msg me befor asking, the reason is that i get around 100 messages/day with the same questions all the time.. and the worst question i get is ASL, how fun is it to answer that everyday to pople that only asking that, then no more.. so ask in the channel.. then maybe you understand bether why they kick the people.. smile

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