mIRC and IRC are not the same thing (if you knew this you probably wouldn't be complaining here), Khaled can't/doesn't control what happens on IRC.

Channel operators can do whatever they like unless it breaks the rules of the network/server, or in some channels, if they break the rules set for channel operators, this includes kicking/banning you for any reason they like (or no reason at all).

The only things you can do are:

1. See if they're breaking the rules of the network you use.
2. Kindly ask if they'll stop.
3. Ask another operator if they're breaking any rules or anything.
4. Ignore them.
5. Use a different network/channel.
6. If the network you use has some form of channel registration, ask the channel registrar to remove that persons operator status.

As for IRC dying, I disagree, I see more and more people on IRC every time I use it.

New username: hixxy