hey smile
i had a bad idea for this. it is something like "author lock" or some [censored]: if its unlocked, you can edit your script as freee as u do now. and put a button on the options dialog with the label "set author lock" and if the user klikks it, mirc asks "are you susususure about this?!" and if yep, then mirc asks for 4 passwords, like PIN1, PIN2, PUK1, PUK2 laugh
then it encodes the scripts and does not allow editing of them.
if user klikks "unlock", then mirc asks for pin1. if the user messes it 3 times, it asks for pin2. if messed 3times, puk1, then puk2, and if puk2 messed 3 times, "neverunlock" mode, like on mobile fones smile

sorry for my bad english
watch out when you're in front of my scalar howitzer smile

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