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Scripts Editor Lock

Posted By: loner

Scripts Editor Lock - 15/10/03 10:08 AM

Wonder if Khaled could do a scripts editor lock with password to optional lock/unlock the scripts editor. I simply couldn't use the mirc lockeditor.dll to lock my remotes with the latest 6.1x versions anymore. Though there isn't 100% anti rip in irc client, but the 6.1x don't allow the mirc lockeditor to work is making it more easier for the rippers to rip. What is the use of all the hard work for doing a fantastic channel script with marvellous functions & add-ons where by people just ripped took the credits. And why not just do a DCC exploit fix for the 6.0x versions so that I could continue to script with my 6.03. Due to the exploit attacks, I couldn't continue rushing through with my scripting before 2004 anymore... Everything has to put aside until there are ways to prevent the scripts editor being easily open. Khaled PLS do something. Being a scriptor, I tried to do a script according to my own will and also according to the needs of the script users. Pls, spare some thoughts for the needs of the scriptors who love using mIRC just like how I did for the script users who appreciated my previous script. I could have continue scripting with 6.03 if I don't spare a thought for the script users. It's saddening to see these people' mIRC keep getting crashed. And 2 days ago, due to the exploit attacks, my channel peak dropped from 140+ to 60+ in less than 20 mins. Being a scriptor and a channel owner, I have to look after the welfare of the script users. I, myself is using my personal script with the 6.12, but my users are still struggling with the 6.03. Most of the scripts in the net that I frequent uses 6.03 and non of the scriptors are making amendments with the 6.12 cause the remote can't be locked. Khaled if you care for the users, could you pls make a DCC exploit fix for the 6.03 users. I'm sure that many will appreciate the effort made.

It is hard to reap & script, but easy for those who don't sow but create destructions.

Posted By: pheonix

Re: Scripts Editor Lock - 15/10/03 10:09 AM

if you dont like people ripping your script dont release it :tongue:
simple as...
Posted By: Skip

Re: Scripts Editor Lock - 15/10/03 10:18 AM

"I have to look after the welfare of the script users"

By offering them no ability to view what script you let run on their machines?
Posted By: loner

Re: Scripts Editor Lock - 15/10/03 10:47 AM

Giving users opportunity to view the scripts is as good as giving some rippers a chance to rip. I only share my scripting knowledge with the people who are keen on learning and not those who took credits by ripping.
Posted By: pheonix

Re: Scripts Editor Lock - 15/10/03 10:50 AM

mirc is open source, dont like it? use a different language.
Posted By: loner

Re: Scripts Editor Lock - 15/10/03 10:53 AM

I only enjoyed scripting for people who do not know how to create scripts. And not to those who uses those methods to destroy the pains n hard works of others. That is the purpose of scripting. Seems like you and Skip disagreed with the idea of script editor lock. May you never knew the satisfation of scripting for people who appreciated and the hurt when people just causes destruction to your pains & sweat.
Posted By: pheonix

Re: Scripts Editor Lock - 15/10/03 10:56 AM

i dont care actually, mirc has always been, is, and hopefully always will be open source.
Posted By: obsessed

Re: Scripts Editor Lock - 15/10/03 10:59 AM

So they ripped your script, BIG DEAL! life goes on, its only mIRC.
Posted By: Watchdog

Re: Scripts Editor Lock - 15/10/03 11:00 AM

mIRC is not open source. mIRC scripting may be. Open Source, however, does NOT mean open slather. Just because someone can see code does not give them the right to use it without the author's permission. That said, it will always happen and the one thing you did get right was that if a scripter doesn't like rippers, they shouldn't publish their work.
Posted By: loner

Re: Scripts Editor Lock - 15/10/03 11:00 AM

Why don't you say that I should write my own irc client. Since the forum theme is Feature Suggestions, I'm just giving my own suggestion to the theme. Yours is a constructive suggestion hur? I see.
Posted By: pheonix

Re: Scripts Editor Lock - 15/10/03 11:01 AM

i meant mircscript, it doesnt get hidden..
Posted By: pheonix

Re: Scripts Editor Lock - 15/10/03 11:03 AM

Have an idea for a future version? Post it here for discussion. Suggestions by users are often implemented in new versions of mIRC.
Posted By: loner

Re: Scripts Editor Lock - 15/10/03 11:09 AM

Forum is where you & I can talk freely. So do what I said matters to you? You can choose not to read, like I can choose whether to script or vice versa. BIG DEAL? Just a forum where I express my thoughts & feelings. Just a FORUM, do I bother you. -.- I don't like to entertain crappy stuff that uses this forum post not for constructive suggestions but just to bombak others. READ the forum theme and get a life too.
Posted By: Skip

Re: Scripts Editor Lock - 15/10/03 11:14 AM

Giving rippers a chance to rip your script is as good as giving someone a chance to improve upon it, find and report or fix bugs, tailor it to their needs, learn how to script themselves, and so on. It's unfortunate you designed your script for the lowest denominator, that's your choice. Trust is a two-way street.

Your argument was (well, *seems* to be) that you wouldn't 'help' users of your script by configuring your script to run with a newer mIRC version unless the newer version protected your scripts. Surely you can see the last person your stance is effecting is the ripper. I think that's rather selfish.
Posted By: qwerty

Re: Scripts Editor Lock - 15/10/03 11:24 AM

...the hurt when people just causes destruction to your pains & sweat.

That sounded more melodramatic than the soap opera my grandma watches :tongue:. If scripting for you is pain and sweat, you're scripting for the wrong reasons. Scripting is supposed to be fun (for oneself and for other users), don't make it sound like it's a job. You'll have the chance to have a job when you grow up and experience competition, pain, sweat and hurt feelings. Do yourself a favour and don't let your ego introduce these things to your life yet.
Posted By: obsessed

Re: Scripts Editor Lock - 15/10/03 12:52 PM

Well said smile
Posted By: _D3m0n_

Re: Scripts Editor Lock - 15/10/03 08:31 PM

when i download anything to put into my mirc . i dont ever open in in mirc first. i always open it under wordpad of notepad or whatever. this stupid lock editor protection your talking about is USELESS. if u dont want someone seeing your code then dont ever send it to anyone, and possibly learn a scripting language that isnt OPEN source and ALWAYS will be.
Posted By: GodGell

Re: Scripts Editor Lock - 15/10/03 09:10 PM

hey smile
i had a bad idea for this. it is something like "author lock" or some [censored]: if its unlocked, you can edit your script as freee as u do now. and put a button on the options dialog with the label "set author lock" and if the user klikks it, mirc asks "are you susususure about this?!" and if yep, then mirc asks for 4 passwords, like PIN1, PIN2, PUK1, PUK2 laugh
then it encodes the scripts and does not allow editing of them.
if user klikks "unlock", then mirc asks for pin1. if the user messes it 3 times, it asks for pin2. if messed 3times, puk1, then puk2, and if puk2 messed 3 times, "neverunlock" mode, like on mobile fones smile
Posted By: Doqnach

Re: Scripts Editor Lock - 15/10/03 10:18 PM

this would make the executing of the script VERY slow because mIRC has to decrypt it to use it... so... mIRC needs the password to decrypt it :-] and where do you leave that? everyone needs the password to run the file :-]

if you want it so that mIRC doesn't need a password, you have 2 options... still save the files as text so you can edit them with a normal text editor without being affected by the lock, OR make something in mIRC which bypasses the lock which can be exploited by scripters so they can still read the scripts...

there is absolutely no way to disable other peoples editing/ripping of you scripts with the way mIRC Scripting language behaves, and I hope it never will!

trying to make scripts where you are the only one who can edit it is just plain egoistic! (hmmm is that english? *G*)
Posted By: KingTomato

Re: Scripts Editor Lock - 16/10/03 01:19 AM

*Sigh* Hasn't this topic been done several times over?

You know there are a lot of people who share your views, and I can sympathise, I really can. The fact is that mIRC 's "language" was meant for people to use to accomplish simple tasks to enhance their IRC experience. Out of generousity, many like to release these scripts so other may benefit from them, and perhaps learn as well. Despite the going trend, not many scripts are "ripped". Infact, many are given credit to, maybe portions copied and pasted, but [almost] never duplicated as a whole. Its not like you're ever going to see someone go download NoNameScript, change a few variable, and re-release it as "EliteScript" or whatever the cool name might be.

Be realistic, and realise that mirc scripts are not something you make and sell for profit. You don't release your scripts so that you can make a living off of them. You release them so other can benefit. Who cares if they rip it. Are you that insecure that you care if someone renames a file and calls it their own? If anything you should be flattered they saw it as such a fine piece of work that they wanted to have the ownership of it. If it's that big a deal, release your script to large scripting sites such as mircscripts.org, mirc.net scriptsdb, etc. Then the next time *if* someone "rips" your code, you can just as easily say "hey, look at <site here>. My scripts has the same exact thing, and it was released a month ago-- they used my code". I mean that's what you want, right? The warm feeling inside claiming your own work from someone whom stole yours?

I mean comeon people, lighten up. Its just a script. You're not going to be killed if you don't get credit for "Ultra leet DCC Server v1.3" "Super Away System v0.04" "CoolScript (v5.3)". If you don't want people to take your stuff, then keep it to yourself. If you do want to help people and rise above the pettyness of being greedy to a piece of code that may have taken you days to write, then release your script. Simple as that.
Posted By: GodGell

Re: Scripts Editor Lock - 16/10/03 07:41 AM

hey! thats a good point, but.
i'm still afraid because of the [censored] rippers, because i write my cool script, and release it. all my friends say "wow, thats cool!" and everyone is happy. and then a ripper rips it, and releases it in another [censored], my friends see it and say that my script was ripped from that... rippers are the most disgusting people after the rappers. smile
Posted By: trenzterra

Re: Scripts Editor Lock - 16/10/03 12:12 PM

If you're so scared:

- Don't distribute your script
- Be selfish and expose your users to the exploit (actually I don't get it. The users themself can actually install mIRC 6.1x)
- Use /decode and /encode commands
- Use $compress and $decompress commands

IMHO, you're being very selfish.
Posted By: cold

Re: Scripts Editor Lock - 16/10/03 03:54 PM

Your point isn't valid. You can easily prove that your script was released first, as KingTomato has already said.
Also, so what if anyone says that you ripped something? People actually must have some kind of proof when they accuse someone, so I assume you'd be rather "clear" about this anyway. That is, if you really care about this subject. I personally wouldn't give a damn.
Posted By: Johan_NL

Re: Scripts Editor Lock - 16/10/03 04:06 PM

Aren't all mIRC scripters in some way ripping Khaled's code to script their own addons etc ? Don't hear him complain: even better he adds more and more code every time, just to please the scripters amongst us ! grin

Johan_NL smile
Posted By: KingTomato

Re: Scripts Editor Lock - 16/10/03 07:34 PM

No. The language provided is just that, a language--not code. Your example would closly relate saying that everyone is ripping c\c++ language, because they made a program with it.
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