That's funny, I thought programming was a job. Apparently so does the rest of the world.

Indeed programming is a job and certinally something i dont disagree with, but making an earning from something IRC related is not something i consider a proper earning, just easy cash making at the likes of fools who pay for this, but as mentioned everyone expects everything from free, so why dont ircd coders start charging for thei software? biast point i know but proves my point irc is a lame way of an earning.


Clearly you ae the one who is correct though, because everyone knows that programming is easy and everyone over the age of 3 is capable of writing mIRC, Windows, or any other peice of software in existence regardless of skill, thought, or dedication.

Point me as to where I said i was right, and if programming is easy why dont you stop wasting time here replying to a thread and go create something, I am sure then if you created it as shareware you would be flamed for it if your users didnt think it was worth the cost of registration. I have no experience in any C lanaguage etc, nor do i ever want too, I am happy just using IRC to chat to friends, but i refuse to pay to pay to chat, and certinally refuse to install up something that worse that strong coffee, not that we are forced to install it, but links to older versions as an alternative arnt available.


I also love how you specifically stated 'Windows software', as if that somehow makes it not worth being paid for.

Anything windows related developers try to make from, majority of the software availble is shareware and not freeware, this may prove me to be just paranoid and just stfu and pay the cost, but it can also show what i said where developers follow bill gates suit in charging, mirc devel. included. And no i dont think anything made for windows should be paid for or for irc at least, i said windows because i thought mirc is generally developed for windows, unless of course i have missed something you have so willingly forgot to mention in your post previously.


You don't seem to realise that's exactly the point of the box - to make you either pay for the software or not use it. I don't think anyone will lose sleep over someone who didn't pay for it deciding to stop using mIRC.

Oh i know what its for, didnt i or did i not mention it previously, i think i did, not in them words but i did, but why make the box show at startup now without the option of stopping it showing every time? Well you said it khaled wants people now to pay for it otherwise face the annoyance of seeing his mug shot appear in a small box every timeyou load mirc up.

I look forward to the day someone gets passed that box from showing at startup.... yes this thread should be closed as I have made my "OWN" opinions, id hate for some elite khaled fan to insult me.

Happy irc'ing geeks!