My God, you're so damn arrogant it's unbelievable.

khaled gets cash and he doesnt need to make any more..

What? Do you have his financial records - past, present, and future? Why doesn't he need anymore? Is the world becoming a utopia where everything is free? - I must've missed that in the newspaper. You sound like you think he's Bill Gates or something - sitting on his solid diamond mansion, eating caviar and drinking panda milk.


I do agree this is annoying and have expressed my opionions about this previously. Even though it was said this software is shareware and not "crippleware" i understand authors have to make a living, but if they want a decent income go get a real job not just from some windows software?

That's funny, I thought programming was a job. Apparently so does the rest of the world. Clearly you ae the one who is correct though, because everyone knows that programming is easy and everyone over the age of 3 is capable of writing mIRC, Windows, or any other peice of software in existence regardless of skill, thought, or dedication. I also love how you specifically stated 'Windows software', as if that somehow makes it not worth being paid for.

With that box showing its aperance every time its made me not want to update to mirc6.1 and continue to use 6.03 and gives me the impression that either we pay to get rid of it or its going to be there as a annoyance reminder untill we give in/force to pay it just to see it gone thus making us pay for it.

You don't seem to realise that's exactly the point of the box - to make you either pay for the software or not use it. I don't think anyone will lose sleep over someone who didn't pay for it deciding to stop using mIRC.

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