I do agree this is annoying and have expressed my opionions about this previously. Even though it was said this software is shareware and not "crippleware" i understand authors have to make a living, but if they want a decent income go get a real job not just from some windows software?

With that box showing its aperance every time its made me not want to update to mirc6.1 and continue to use 6.03 and gives me the impression that either we pay to get rid of it or its going to be there as a annoyance reminder untill we give in/force to pay it just to see it gone thus making us pay for it.

On the other hand I clearly understand it takes mere 2 sec to point and click to get rid of it, something thet lazy people would argue about, and yea that includes me because i hate popups in any software though i wont argue about about this as its pointless

IMHO i will be waiting for a patch/crack to come out for this before I would ever pay for it as the cosmetic "improvements" <-- JOKE! are not what I think would be an improvement, just more of a put off from mirc.

Now honestly you can rant and rave at my comments as much as you like, i saw this thread, posted an open clean personal opionion of my views on this and dont plan to get involved in a flamed topic.