many ppl here saying that you arent allowed to do this and that, but then they siting and use programs cracked or what ever "walking against red light".. and i dont belive that mIRC is the only program that arent relesed together with small scripts/programs other made,and im shure of that you have done somthing you shoudlent do with mirc.exe somtime. you can get many programs that are based on another creators work, but i dont see anything wrong in give somone the mIRC.exe together with the files you want to be used with mIRC, if you give a "script" to a tolal noob, then you can be shure of spending many houers try to explain to them how to do when they want to use your files.. and one site often named here have almost every script on it with included mirc.exe .. hexed and non hexed files, so if you never downloaded a script with exe files, then i guess you have been downloading "addons" not a full script..

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