I have fetures that makes mIRC connect to game servers and more to look for players/scores and more. and every channel having there own server they want to use it on.. and if i make one script for all channels, then the que would be huge, i only allow won serach nick/channel/server , and if the bot was on all channels, then the ppl wanted to use it had to wait a long time, "depending on services running" .. so thats the reason i use 5 mirc .. and have them in folders named as the channels, same with the *.exe file.. its just for me so i easyer can keep track of them.. and i cant see why somone make a program you cant rename the exe file in.. same as microsoft relesed a windows version there you was forced to have the icons they want on your desktop.. in start menu and so on.. if you removed them or changed there names, then windows wouldent work, sounds a bit stupid to me.. i cant see any reason to lock the exe file's name.. virus? ok, but they will be there anyway, and lock the name on a exe file wont stop them from spreed, so again i dont see any point..

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