and that would stop the viruses? they just find another way to infect the users computers.. if it was so easy to just lock the name on the files.. dont you think the rest of the world have done it by now? so i dont think that solving any problems regarding the viruses out there.. and if i look at the past and where i found most trojans and other small things, then it was files that ppl relesed for mirc.. not mirc it self, like host finder/e-mail spammers/nuke programs and other files.. and i never seen any trojan or virus trying to infect a computer with the name mIRC.exe .. and i dont think i ever will.. but i have seen viruses and trojanans that using mIRC to infet the users computer.. so still dont see why the "name" lock should help.. if my file is named bla.exe or mirc.exe whats the diffrence ? it still doing the same thing.. connecting me to a irc server.. thats the main reason ppl using the program, if "we" are so affraid of viruses and trojans, then why not unplug our computers from the net.. and not get files from CD's or any media.. then "we" are virus free, bether to just warn ppl about the viruses and how they are spreed true the net, not force ppl using a serten name, i know Khaled worked hard for the program, but if i cant rename a file on my computer that are a program installed after windows. then i wont use it.. not even windows make it impossible to rename there files.. the thing that will happen if you are stupid enuff to do it, that is that windows wont work.. "cant find the exe file if you rename it, and didnt edit many other files to tell windows u renamed it".. and i cant see the point in that? you even can rename ICQ.EXE and still get it to work, and i belive many viruses and trojans are infecting you true that program too.. still the author of that program dont like the idea of that it can happen.. and this will only make more ppl hack and edit the mIRC.exe source, cos i havent seen any script out there that had its own mIRC.exe named just mIRC.exe .. they renamed it to "script name.exe" .. so it wont take long befor you can dl a program that let you change the name to what you want.. you have many programs that allow you to change the version reply for an example.. and i dont think Khaled like that ether.. but as long as its a program ppl will go in and mess with the code..

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