Am I the only person that detects sarcasm in qwerty's reply?

I have to say I agree with that sarcasm, the best way to make Dialogs is with a dialog editing tool. Why? because a dialog is a visual GUI element, it only makes sense that designing it visually will produce better results. There's no advantage to designing it in mIRC, at all. You can fine tune your dialog in a dialog editor just as easily as you can in mIRC, I mean just because you align controls with a mouse doesn't mean there is any more scope for mis-alignment (if thats your quibble), The pixels where you place these elements are displayed right there in the IDE.

Watchdog, I am suprised a user of Visual Basic regards visually designing GUI elements to be inferior to typing. If that is true then what is the advantage of VB to other language's.

Making dialogs without an Visual tool is a trivial task, albeit tedious, and isn't the hallmark of an excellent scripter. Anyone can do it. Infact that's how most of started off.
The only difference is that it's more time consuming. And this isn't one of those matter of prefernce issues, anyone who spends an hour doing what could be done in 10 minutes with an Dialog editor is a fool. It's not even a creative achievement, it's not like making a picture window GUI, very little knowledge is involved in making a dialog table!

I would disagree with the idea that to be serious about scripting you have to use a dialog editor but thats no reason to swing to the other extreme of foolishness.

Maybe im over-estimating qwerty and no sarcasm was intended, but my point still stands.