hmmm... "mousing".. never ever heard this word.. but good i'll use it;)

hehhh grrr wink hmm i think my opinion is a little changed..
hehe;) so now i think a "half-tailed-mouse" would be the best laugh (hmm maybe i will send an email to a4tech), so.. a normal wireless mouse, with an abnormal charger. i mean you can use your mouse like a mobile phone.if his battery is getting low, you attach his tail into him, and the mouse is setting to charging mode, so it will mousing from the charger's energy, and the charger will charge the battery, too..
example, you are using your wireless mouse.. he is "yelling that he is hungry", so you attach up his tail. his energy is growing from the cheese you give him with his tail wink hehe ;D my english is too bad to explain this ;D
so i made a picture for this. i created it in 2 hours wink sometimes it looks like.. khm, another thing, but it's not wink
so, the picture.

sorry for my bad english
watch out when you're in front of my scalar howitzer smile

Punks not dead!