Take heed Wireless Lubbers, for your new wireless gadgets are running on an ever narrowing swath of spectrum. Soon your wireless meece will go mouse-sh[b][/b]it whenever someone comes within distance with their wireless device. It's already a major problem in office buildings, with wireless keyboards and mice having to be banned from use.

There is only a fixed amount of spectrum available on Earth. With the FCC trying to manage the cellular jam they're even trying to kill analog television just so they can sell more swath to cell and other digital content providers... at the expense of your portible/travel and remote location tv channels. (no more rabbit ear UHF/VHF) IMHO, most wireless devices are 'nifty gadgets' with no real purpose except to make money.

Tailed-mice are faster, dont have batteries to change/charge, and don't suffer from interference... ditto for all other things WIRE-FULL. Tailed-mice are also more accurate than wireless mice, which is important if you photoshop. Notice how a wireless mouse blinks instead of being always on... and when you move it steadily and consistantly, the mouse skips a beat every 8 seconds or so leaving you with a crappy line. (At least the display models I've played with at BestBuy and Gateway Country.)

- Raccoon

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