yeah, clickable scroll;)
one of the scrolls is clickable, 2 standard button (left & right), and 2 on the mouse's left & right side. this mouse was 5000 forints (22.07 usd).

and the wireless thing. yeah. i think wireless mice is only for the "loooooook i have wireless mouseeeeeee!" texts wink and at home, when accidentally mouse falls down from the desk, (or desktop or what), the normal mouse's cable takes it back from falling to the floor and cracking, but wireless mice are falllllling and then cracking (these mice have more height because of the battery, so more faster falling and more bigger cracking) wink and if u are using it with a laptop, and e.g. u are using your laptop at a bigbig place where mucchh ppl, a robber is picking up your mouse and when you see it he is going away with your mouse.. and while you are yelling after it ("heeeeeeeey he stolen my mouseeeeeeee heeeeey!!" lame people are laughing "why dont you take your mouse into a cage?") the robber comes back and steals your laptop:D so i think wireless mice are not really good.. just for lame ppl.

sorry for my bad english
watch out when you're in front of my scalar howitzer smile

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