* Warning: SSL private certificate 'C:\path\EXPIRED4.PEM' has expired (notbeforedate-noteafterdate)

I'm seeing this only when using an expired cert to connect to something that's already in the serverlist, even if it's using an expired global cert.

When the global cert is Expired4.pem, I see this warning only when connecting to a servername that's already in the serverlist. When irc.us.libera.chat is not in the serverlist, "/server irc.us.libera.chat" does not show the green warning even though it uses the expired global cert expired4.pem

"/server irc.us.libera.chat -k expired4.pem" won't show an error even when I'm overriding a valid cert to use an expired one, becuase irc.us.libera.chat isn't in the serverlist.

is there an event that gets triggered by the green warning message? because the green text is easy to miss amongst all the activity at a typical connection.