Additional detail on item 3b above, password entry box hidden behind black bullets.

Using SASL password to login has become more popular recently, probably due to some large channels beginning to require people being registered before entry, and for some reason the password to nickserv is often being lagged enough that they attempt to autojoin before the password is accepted by nickserv.

This has resulted in several noobs coming into channel for help because their SASL password wasn't being accepted. It seems that occasionally the problem was them trying to connect to the SSL port without the + in front of the port number, but more often their problem was solved by my having them fire up notepad so they can type their nick:password into a blank notepad then copypaste it into the serverlist edit window, having typed it in a window where they can see what they're doing.

I can understand the need to hide the password on an ongoing basis, but it seems reasonable that an exception can be made while people are in the process of entering their password. One person was having so much trouble with trying to input his SASL password that it ended up being easier to talk him through creating an RSA certificate and having him use that method.