Thanks for the feedback.

I see that it's now possible to have a server ignore the global certificate by going to the serverlist and unchecking 'use global certificate' without defining one for that entry. However, if there's now a way to do the same thing with the /server command, I don't see it. If I use the /server command with -key $null for a server not in the serverlist, it will either use the global certificate, or it will go to the [recent] section of servers.ini to use a setting from there.

I will add this in the next beta.

If I use alt+E to look at the serverlist, it lies to me as if my current server connection is in the serverlist when it's not really there, giving it a label like $network $servertarget. And, if I try to delete it from the serverlist menu, it always comes back again.

Beta v7.68.1159 changes:
6.Item 20, changed. In cases where the current status window
server does not exist in the servers list, the server address
is added temporarily to the servers list in the connect dialog
and selected, since pressing okay in the connect dialog will
set the status window server. If you edit the server, it becomes

The only way to figure out what certificate you're actually using is to use $sslhash(sha512,p) then compare that against a saved list of fingerprints. Maybe having $server(-1) return properties for whatever is the active connection.

The beta supports $sslkeyfile to return the active certificate file for the current connection.