$sslkeyfile was not mentioned in the beta announce post, nor was it in beta.txt. Are there any other identifiers which were added?


26.Added $server() properties: certglobal, cert, nickglobal, nick, anick, user, email, encoding.

This works only for a server that's actually in the server list. If you use the /server command to connect to a server for the 1st time, none of the above are working because they're not in the server list. That's why I was thinking that something like $server(-1) could be something to look at the current connection, regardless whether or not it's in the serverlist.


Extended per server entry in servers.ini to include the new settings. Note that GROUP: is required even if the group is not set.

The way I read the above, the entry for a server in servers.ini always must contain the GROUP: tag, however creating a server while leaving the groupname blank creates an entry without the GROUP: tag. Both of the following items appear identically in the dropdown list.

n156=random serverSERVER:irc.foo.bar:6667GROUP:foobar


Beta v7.68.1159 changes:
6.Item 20, changed. In cases where the current status window server does not exist in the servers list, the server address is added temporarily to the servers list in the connect dialog and selected, since pressing okay in the connect dialog will set the status window server. If you edit the server, it becomes permanent.

The way I read the above, the intent is that the current $servertarget is made permanent only if that specific item is edited. However, I was finding that a brand new server sometimes was having $server($servertarget) being blank sometimes, and later it was returning $servertarget. It turned out that using the alt+E window to add another unrelated server to the serverlist was also adding the current 'temporary' item to servers.ini also. $server($servertarget) was returning $servertarget once I used the menu to add irc.foo.bar to the serverlist even though I was not editing the 'fake' item for the current connection.