Thanks for the heads up on the loopback IP. I think my issue is that I am trying to use UnrealIRCD (Windows environment) and it is requiring me to identify "me" in the configuration file using a fully qualified host name. I am not in a domain, only a workgroup. I am using static IP and no DNS. I have an ultra-simple LAN setup and maybe that is part of the problem. The computer name of the laptop running UnrealIRCD is IRC1. I have tried to address it in the config file as "IRC1" but the server says it has to be a " fully qualified host name". I even tried to use IRC1.local and even the IP address. I think that is my hangup right now. I am trying to chat with the folks at UnrealIRCD to see if they have any suggestions. Let me know if you have any more ideas. BTW, I am trying to connect via a different laptop on the same LAN.