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kap: is that listener strictly necessary?

I think it is necessary if you want to be able to connect to 6667 from the local network. However I didn't read the yaml file properly:

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If you need to serve plaintext on public interfaces, comment out the above
# two lines and uncomment the line below (which listens on all interfaces):

...so one can just follow the instructions as laid out in the ircd.yaml file...

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also, if you're going to mkcerts, i think you might as well enable an SSL port, or skip that step?

I am reading the ircd.yaml now and see that by default it listens on all interfaces on port 6697.

So yeah you don't really need to do anything in the ircd.yaml file if you've run the mkcerts command. In mIRC just run
/server +6697
where is the instructors machine and it should work!

As a side note:
I've had some positive experiences with the oragono crew. Dan Oaks helped me out troubleshooting an issue I had getting YABOT (perl) to run on oragono some time ago: https://github.com/gryphonshafer/Bot-IRC/issues/3

They're a friendly bunch and also very active on the #ircdocs and #ircv3 channels on freenode!

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