Actually, if you carefully read the previous posts, then I wrote that it may be needed by someone else besides me, but not necessarily for implementation, and can only help expand the ways of commenting the code.
Also, this is will not replace the normal commenting method, but can only be an addition to the existing method as an alternative.

If I propose such ideas, it is not for my own sake, but for the sake of expanding the scripting language in the interests of other scripters, and this does not bring any significant change in the general syntax.
So personally, you can continue to comment on your scripts further in the way that suits you best using a semicolon ";".

And besides, here there are many who offer something and i don't think these proposals are a manifestation of any selfishness, but are just ideas for the further improvement of the client.
With the same success it can be said that all your own proposals or requests, left earlier in this forum, were a kind of manifestation of selfishness in order to achieve their own interests, but this is not so.
I left my proposal on the forum in an appropriate and appropriate for this section, only for consideration as a possible additional solution for ease of coding.

In the end, no one forces or obliges anyone, this is just an idea for thought. All my suggestions are always aimed only at general improvement and for the usability of the mIRC client.

P.S. Henceforth, I ask you to read my posts carefully before leaving your comments.

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