Epic, I was not giving a method to implement # as a comment character. I was showing how using it as a comment character shouldn't interfere with typical usage, unless someone somehow needed to have an alias named #mirc that works only in all channels but can't be used in @window or status window editboxes. The only way to reliably call the alias named # is to call it like the alias $chr(35) or as the identifier $#, and even if someone did have a custom alias named #, they would not be trying to invoke it by having #<space> be at the beginning of a line.

The closest you could currently get mIRC to implementing # as a comment would be to have it behave like /noop which would still have its command line be evaluated. Doing that would require an ON JOIN event which creates a dummy alias named after that channel each time you join a channel.

edit: actually the # as a comment couldn't be faked using an alias matching the name of each channel you're in, because when invoked in a context where $chan is $null, the 1st word following the # would still be seen as if it's an alias name.

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