hi maroon. i'll try later out and try to understand what you wrote, and i can understand not being able to reproduce is a problem. Yesterday I commented the line out which loads the iconfile and the error stays. I think I first have to figure out where the problem exactly is

@vinifera thanks, mIRC loaded this file for years. so if mirc had a problem, it would always have it right? so that can't be the problem in my opinion


ok...it was not the line I thought it was... i'm sorry eek. Maybe it's not a bug and the Script section was right...it's not the Icon in the Titlebar of the Dialog, it's an "icon", in fact a png Image which is loaded in the Dialog

  icon 7, 7 3 100 49, %dtlogo, 0 noborder

and the %dtlogo Variable was not set right anymore, normally it's setup in the initiation commands and it checks the $os Identifier and then chooses the right Directory with the right Image for the System, which have slightly different Backgrounds so that they fit with the current System Background from Windows.
So I have to figure out why the Variable is not set right anymore

if ( $os == xp ) { set %dtlogo $scriptdir $+ logo\logo-xp.png | set %dtlogosave $scriptdir $+ logo\logo-xp.png } | if ( 2003 isin $os ) || ( 2008 isin $os ) { set %dtlogo $scriptdir $+ logo\logo-2003.png | set %dtlogosave $scriptdir $+ logo\logo-2003.png } | if ( $os == 7 ) || ( $os == vista ) || ( 2016 isin $os ) { set %dtlogo $scriptdir $+ logo\logo-win7.png | set %dtlogosave $scriptdir $+ logo\logo-win7.png } | mkdir d-tool\inis

Ok...the first Setup is not executed anymore...that's the Problem. Which is strange..cause it depends on nothing else than a yes/no Inputdialog

  if ( $input(Initiate first Setup?,yv,First Setup) == $yes ) { ... }  

after this, nothing happens. Was there something changed in the behaviour?
I've tested, up to mIRC 7.63 I was able to set the script up right. Initiation commands worked. mh
Was something changed in the $input Identifier between mIRC 7.63 and 7.64?

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