My post *was* focusing on mirc. Often, 99% of the fix is identifying a way to make the bug happen, and so far you're the only one finding it. I was trying to eliminate other possibilities by having you try other icons, including the vc.ico which i am using without fail.

So far you're having a bug that nobody else has, and we now know that you also fail with vc.ico which doesn't fail for me, and probably won't for Khaled. So it's hard for someone else to fix a bug that they can't encounter for themselves. Have you tried with the shell32.dll i mentioned, which came with windows itself? Check my url again, and i included a couple of variants of controls.icl that came with DCX. the 2007 version doesn't seem to work, so might be caused by the issue that vinifera mentioned, but the 2014 version of controls.icl works fine.

The more info we know about the problem, the better chance of isolating the cause. So far we know you're having trouble with a .ico and a .icl format. You have trouble with vc.ico that I don't have, but you haven't posted your .icl file to see if we also have trouble with it. If you can't post it, you can come to freenode and dcc it to me or someone. Knowing whether you have trouble with shell32.dll that comes with windows itself is useful, as well as knowing whether you have problems with controls.icl, which is surely something that other 764 users are using.