You can use $urlget() to do http requests.

Assuming your curl is correct you would do something such as:

alias postit {

  // build the body as url-encoded form parameters
  bset -t &body 1 username={{accountEmail}}&password={{accountPassword}}&remember_me=true&_csrf={{XSRF-TOKEN}}

  // build a list of headers, seperated by crlf, inside a bvar:
  bset -t &headers 1 Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded $+ $crlf
  bset -t &headers -1 Content-Length: $bvar(&body, 0) $+ $crlf
  bset -t &headers -1 Cookie: XSRF-TOKEN={{XSRF-TOKEN}}

  // start the request
  noop $urlget(, pb, &response, postit_response, &headers, &body)

alias postit_response {

  var %id = $1

  var %response_bvar = $urlget(%id).target

  // do something with %response_bvar
  echo -s >> $bvar(%response_bvar, 1-3000).text

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