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Using the script above as an example, you can easily write any of those scripts that you want by yourself.

I tried it according to your script and it does not work
set %badges. $+ $nick $msgtags(badges).key

variable is written
%badges.tmi.twitch.tv moderator/1

How to write a nickname if there will be a lot of people writing in a chat? and as I understand it does not work immediately, and apparently only when a message arrives in the status window
tmi.twitch.tv USERSTATE #nameChannel

but the message does not appear after the messages of people from the chat, but after the messages from mIRC, if the bot sends
Why I asked if you can make a script? because I can't do it, but you can already write it quickly and understand what's wrong frown
PS and through PRIVMSG this

I've read your message and I cannot seem to understand what you are trying to accomplish. You are confusing RAW with capturing ON:TEXT for example, where $nick would actually be the users name. You can get the persons name from the Twitch $msgtags. It's all in the docs. Good luck. smile