I've noticed several posts asking for help on getting Twitch Subscriber notifications working. I put this script together which should hopefully help get people on the right track. It's a cleaned up updated version of a script that I posted previously on this forum. I have not had a chance to test it myself but it's based off of the script that I've been using for a while so I am confident that it will function. Please let me know if you find anything that is broken. Thanks.

; A Basic Script for Subscriber Notifications in mIRC (May 17, 2019)
; by twitch.tv/Blasman13
; $MSGTAG HELP: https://dev.twitch.tv/docs/irc/tags/#usernotice-twitch-tags
; You can find your Twitch User ID that is needed on the the third line (YOUR_TWITCH_USERID) of the actual script below here: https://bashtech.net/twitch/profile.php
; note that some rarer sub alerts aren't covered here (giftpaidupgrade, rewardgift, anongiftpaidupgrade)

  ; look for any notices directed at your Twitch channel && are subscription related
  IF (($msgtags(room-id).key == YOUR_TWITCH_USERID) && ($istok(sub resub subgift submysterygift, $msgtags(msg-id).key, 32))) {
    ; gather variables for the rest of your script
    VAR %run_extras $true
    VAR %name $IIF($regex($msgtags(display-name).key, /^[a-z\d_]+$/ig), $msgtags(display-name).key, $msgtags(login).key)
    VAR %msg-id $msgtags(msg-id).key
    VAR %msg-param-cumulative-months $msgtags(msg-param-cumulative-months).key
    VAR %msg-param-months $msgtags(msg-param-months).key
    VAR %msg-param-streak-months $msgtags(msg-param-streak-months).key
    VAR %msg-param-sub-plan $IIF($msgtags(msg-param-sub-plan).key isnum, $calc($msgtags(msg-param-sub-plan).key/1000), $msgtags(msg-param-sub-plan).key)
    ; MASS SUB GIFTER ALERT: thank the person who gifted the subs and prevent messages for each individual sub
    IF (%msg-id == submysterygift) {
      VAR %msg-param-mass-gift-count $msgtags(msg-param-mass-gift-count).key
      INC %submysterygift. $+ %name %msg-param-mass-gift-count
      MSG $1 %name just gifted %msg-param-mass-gift-count tier %msg-param-sub-plan subscriptions to the community!
    ELSEIF (%msg-id == sub) {
      IF (%msg-param-sub-plan isnum) MSG $1 %name just subscribed at tier %msg-param-sub-plan $+ !
      ELSEIF (%msg-param-sub-plan == Prime) MSG $1 %name just subscribed with Twitch Prime!
    ELSEIF (%msg-id == resub) {
      IF (%msg-param-sub-plan isnum) VAR %msg_resub %name just re-subscribed at tier %msg-param-sub-plan $+ $chr(44)
      ELSEIF (%msg-param-sub-plan == Prime) VAR %msg_resub %name just re-subscribed using Twitch Prime $+ $chr(44)
      IF (%msg-param-cumulative-months > 1) VAR %msg_resub %msg_resub and has been subscribed for a total of %msg-param-cumulative-months months $+ $chr(44)
      IF (%msg-param-streak-months > 1) VAR %msg_resub %msg_resub and is on a %msg-param-streak-months month sub streak $+ $chr(44)
      MSG $1 $left(%msg_resub,-1) $+ !
    ; GIFTED SUB (single only) ALERT
    ELSEIF (%msg-id == subgift) {
      ; if the Twitch notice is NOT the result of a MASS SUB GIFT
      IF (!$($+(%,submysterygift.,%name),2)) {
        VAR %name_gifted_to $IIF($regex($msgtags(msg-param-recipient-display-name).key, /^[a-z\d_]+$/ig), $msgtags(msg-param-recipient-display-name).key, $msgtags(msg-param-recipient-user-name).key)
        MSG $1 %name just GIFTED a tier %tier subscription to %gifted_to_display_name $+ ! $IIF(%msg-param-months > 1, It is their %msg-param-months month sub anniversary!, $null)
      ; if the Twitch notice IS the result of a MASS SUB GIFT, then we display NOTHING for each individual sub
      ELSE {
        VAR %run_extras $false
        DEC %submysterygift. [ $+ [ %name ] ]
        IF (!$($+(%,submysterygift.,%name),2)) UNSET %submysterygift. [ $+ [ %name ] ]
    IF (%run_extras) {
      ; extra stuff to do whenever a sub, resub, single gifted sub, or mass sub gift happens (only runs once!)... in other words, this WON'T run for every individual sub during a mass sub gift!