Doesn't crash now for high or low date values, and I'm not seeing any of my examples above messing up. All examples assume: /!timeapi on

Highest value it now displays is 2 seconds before midnite at the end of year 9999.

//var -s %a $calc(253402300800+3600*05+3598 ) | echo -a $asctime( %a )

(The 05 depends on the timezone offset from GMT, and so will the 06 number below)

Lowest displayed value is 1 second after midnite 1/1/1601

//var -s %a $calc(-11644473600+3600*06+1) | echo -a $asctime( %a )

While there aren't any out of range crashes, there is a recurring pattern of wildly invalid N's which are returning not-null strings as if they're within range:

//var %i -500000 | while (%i < 500000) { var %a $calc(-11644452000+365.2425*86400* %i) , %time $asctime(%a) | if (%time) echo -a %i $asctime( %a ) | inc %i }