I'm seeing $asctime timestamp shifting by 1 hour when N is in the opposite daylight zone than the current day.

//var %a $calc($ctime - 90*86400) | timeapi on | echo -a $asctime(%a) and $asctime(0) | timeapi off | echo -a $asctime(%a) and $asctime(0)

$ctime(date string) also interprets time differently by 1 hour if the date is in the opposite daylight setting:

//var %a $asctime $calc($ctime - 90*86400) | timeapi on | echo -a $ctime(%a) | timeapi off | echo -a $ctime(%a)

Edit: another example of something that should return back to the original time, and it does with timeapi off, but with /timeapi on, it goes back in time 10 hours, which i assume is due to my timezone's local time adjusted for daylight is GMT-5

//timeapi on | var -s %a $asctime , %b $ctime(%a) , %c $asctime(%b)

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