sorry. i got bit by an alias i was trying to use that could run the timeapi in both beta and nobeta.

I'm not yet seeing any issues with $asctime, but $ctime is translating date strings in the opposite daylight zone to a different N than before, which results in a 1 hour earlier difference when translating a january timestring to N, then using asctime back to timestring:

//var -s %a $ctime(jan 29 12:34:56 2019) , %b $asctime(%a)

In nobeta this returns to 12:34:45, but in 907 it displays 1 hour earlier at 11:34:56

The difference is in the N created by $ctime(string) not in the string returned by $asctime(N)

Nobeta reported $ctime(Jan 01 00:00:00 1970) as 21600, reflecting the wintertime GMT-6 offset of USA Central's standard time. 907 reports it as 18000 reflecting the current date's GMT-5 daylight offset.

The difference localizes to the hour when time transitions between daylight and standard time. The following reports 3600 in nobeta, but 7200 in 907:

//var -s %a $ctime(mar 10 03:00:00 2019) , %b $ctime(mar 10 01:00:00 2019) , %c %a - %b

I got mirc to crash while testing negative dates, so trying to localize where the culprit lies.