I do have irc.swiftirc.net defined in the server list for swiftirc, whereas freenode is defined as chat.freenode.net

I do not like the server list as it is right now because it cannot be used easily to automatically do multiple connections to irc server on start. I've tried to delete the server list on the hard drive (servers.ini ?) but mIRC rebuild the content iirc.
I could still delete the entry in the server list in mIRC but that doesn't seem to be a good solution, I'd rather keep the default server list but be able to basically not use it. I think I need a switch for /server to tell mIRC to ignore the server list on (re)connection. And I believe this switch could be useful to others people as well.

Edit: it's much worse than that when the initial /server is failing the first attempt, server list is checked and my /server -l setting is lost, I didn't even get connected or disconnected. I understand it's the expected behavior but then I need a switch.

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