"Bug": Downloading to binvar is slow, ~2 MB/s after 10 seconds compared to 60 MB/s for download to file.

I narrowed this down to the use of realloc() to repeatedly extend memory to store the downloaded bytes. The larger the memory, the slower realloc() gets. Pre-allocating large chunks helps a little.

Switching to a linked list implementation to store downloaded bytes makes it fast, however this leads to another problem - it needs to be reassembled at the end, which means first allocating contiguous memory to store the entire download in the binvar, effectively requiring double the amount of memory during the process.

(Currently, the memory pointer allocated during the download is assigned directly to the binvar structure, so no extra memory is needed)

In short, there does not seem to be an ideal solution to this - if we want to make the download available as a &binvar, we can opt for fast speed, double memory use, or slow speed, low memory use. Or we could just remove &binvar support and let scripters save to a file and load it as a &binvar if they need to.