The crash happens only with a binvar target, I have PM'd you links to two large files for testing

Also, where are these temp files in case I now have many partial files downloaded due to crash testing?

; Call /urlget.test %url

alias urlget.test {
  var %url = $iif($1,$1,http://localhost/)
  bset -t &header 1 Test: Header
  bset -t &body 1 foo1=bar1&foo2=bar2

  var %id = $urlget(%url,gb,&target.dat,urlget.callback,&header) | ; Change from binvar to file for full speed
  echo 4 -ag %id
  timer 1 5 urlget.callback %id
  ;timer 1 6 echo 4 -ag here: $!urlget( %id ,c)    | ; Uncomment to crash on binvar test

alias urlget.callback {
  var %id = $1

  echo -agi9 url      $urlget(%id).url
  echo -agi9 redirect $urlget(%id).redirect
  echo -agi9 method   $urlget(%id).method
  echo -agi9 type     $urlget(%id).type
  echo -agi9 target   $urlget(%id).target
  echo -agi9 alias    $urlget(%id).alias
  echo -agi9 id       $urlget(%id).id
  echo -agi9 state    $urlget(%id).state
  echo -agi9 size     $urlget(%id).size
  echo -agi9 resume   $urlget(%id).resume
  echo -agi9 rcvd     $urlget(%id).rcvd
  echo -agi9 time     $urlget(%id).time
  echo -agi9 reply    $urlget(%id).reply

  echo 4 -agi9 speed    $bytes($calc($urlget(%id).rcvd * 1000 / $urlget(%id).time)).suf $+ /s

  if ($urlget(%id).type == binvar) && ($bvar($urlget(%id).target)) {
    echo -agi9 response $bvar($urlget(%id).target,1-3000).text