So I have this little echo script (I could left out the colorcodes in it but wanted to let it original as it is maybe the problem is there):
on ^*:text:*:*: { echo $iif(#,#,$nick) $+(13<,$left($nick(#,$nick).pnick,1) $+ $nick,13> ) $1- | haltdef }

The problem is with this script that users get a double letter in front of their nickname, e.g.:
[13:35:18] <+liza> I'm back soon
[13:39:06]  signoff liza ["Bye"]
[13:41:22]  liza [~AndChat@] joined #channel
[13:41:37] <lliza> good afternoon
[14:41:30]  mode[#channel +v liza] by chillout
[14:41:37] <+liza> thanks
[14:42:28]  mode[#channel -v liza] by chillout
[14:42:33] <lliza> why?
[15:06:59]  liza [~AndChat@] joined #channel
[15:07:04] <llisa> hello

What is going on here? I have this script to show the @+ in front of the nick.