If you take away the current implementation whereby -m1 is sequenced, then you will leave mSL without any means of storing large amounts of sequenced data.
Although it doesn't support binvar, a (hidden) @window is an ordered list data structure, this is what scripters should be using if they want ordered list . If you need one or more item in the list to be a binvar, you could always try to mark those lines specifically (if your data is known and never start with & for example, you can name the line &item where item is an item name to a known hash table having the binvar (could always put the name of the hash in there to make it generic)) and get a working list. It's not the same performance but it can be done. It is true that mIRC lacks data structure, specifically array, but it's also true that hash table are unordered, it's only unfortunate that the implementation + it not being documented properly resulted in some people relying on this to get order.

Breaking the bucket=1 behavior is not nice, ideally a new set of identifers and commands like /hmake2 could be added to preserve the current hash tables behavior but that's not practical in itself. I'm for the change though, let's have proper unordered associative array. But yes, an array support is needed, then.

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