mIRC is using AppData\Roaming\mIRC\, and that's the folder where mirc.ini should be located. If you use notepad to view the contents, you'll see that the filenames you described as being in AppData\Roaming\mIRC\scripts\ are mentioned there, having a path that's relative to the mirc.ini folder, listed like scripts\popups.ini.
You won't find control.ini mentioned there, so that means it's looking in the same folder where mirc.ini is located.

If you are running the mIRC on the old computer, this shows all the *.ini files in the mirc.ini folder plus 1 level deeper.

//echo -a $findfile($mircdir,*.ini,0,2,echo -a $1-)

You may see some of these files in a \defaults\ folder, but those aren't what you want, as they would have old timestamps probably from when you last installed.

The " /run . " command shown by Raccoon, when used in the old pc's mIRC, opens an Explorer window showing the files in the folder where mirc.ini should be located, sorted the way the files were sorted the last time you used explorer in that folder.

The UserID path you show has 'Daily' in it, so that's the login-ID where this mIRC is installed, if you have installed mIRC under several usernames, it could be in

C:\Users\ SOMETHING-ELSE \AppData\Roaming\mIRC\